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Gym accessories

Gym accessories are a necessity nowadays, and everyone who goes to the gym is always searching for good quality accessories.

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If you’re tired of low-quality plastic accessories or don’t want to ask others for water again and again, The Protein Factory is here to resolve your accessories problem. So if you’re looking to buy gym accessories in Pakistan at the best price, you should try The Protein Factory’s products.

Our Best Selling Product 

Following are our best 3 gym accessories that our customers absolutely love:

TPW™ Protein Shaker Gold Top

If you are someone who takes protein on a daily basis to get your dream body, then you must know the struggle of mixing and making protein shakes. TPW™ Protein Shaker, one of the best gym accessories, is designed to cater to this problem. 

TPW™ Protein Shaker provides you with a smooth and lump free protein shake without any hard work.

It is 100% leak-free, so you do not have to worry about anything regarding leaks and messing up your gym bag.  For this reason, you can use this as your primary water bottle too. It holds a good quantity of 700ml, so you can fill it to the top and use it 2 to 3 times a day.

It has a very unique, attractive look, and it is made up of hard and good-quality plastic, giving it a strong body that can easily absorb minor falls or impacts. This makes it your best choice for a protein shaker. 

The Juggernaut

This is a gym water bottle for people who are always tired of refilling their bottles again and again. The Protein Factory introduces The Juggernaut, which is like the next level of water bottles. It has a humongous capacity of 2.2 Litres which is what an average human consumes in the whole day.

You can never be dehydrated if you own this beast. It can also be your travel companion to the world’s driest place, and you will come back without it being empty. The Juggernaut is leak-free, heavy-duty, and comes with a turn-over stainless steel cap.

It has a height of 280mm and a diameter of 170mm, so it can easily be kept inside your gym bag or your backpack. It has a strapped top which can also be used as a handle. It offers 2 colors, smoked black and crystal clear.

TPW™ White Stainless Steel Shaker

This Shaker is all you need to give your personality a cool and tough look. It is made up of 100% stainless steel and can be your best choice as a shaker, as it has an enormous quantity of 700ml. 

It comes with a contrasting black lid and a matte finish all over the body. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to grip and can be fitted in the smallest of places. It also has a mesh around its neck so that you will have a lump-free, perfectly blended, and smooth shake.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Here are our top 3 best qualities:

Extreme Quality Stuff

Whatever you buy from us will always be of the best quality. We charge very reasonable prices, and we never compromise on built quality; that’s why our products last for years.

Instant Shipping 

We charge a nominal cost of 250 rupees as shipping charges, but we make sure your product gets delivered to you in 2 to 6 days max.

Easy Replace and Refund

We offer an easy replacement and return policy. You have a long time of 15 days in which you can return the product if you’re dissatisfied with our product.

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