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Weight Loss

If you are looking for an effective fat burner in Pakistan, look no further than our high-quality yet affordable fat burning supplements.


At The Protein Factory, we understand how important it is to access effective fat-burning supplements; that’s why we import these products from a UK-based brand, The Protein Works ™, known for its high-quality supplements worldwide.

By boosting your energy levels and reducing fat stores of the body, our supplements can help you smash your weight loss goals without going on a very strict diet.

Our Top Picks for Fat Burner Products

We offer a broad range of fat burning supplements. If you’re searching for weight loss tablets in Pakistan, then The Protein Factory is your store. We have products for all your needs.

Here is a list of our top-selling fat-reducing supplements mentioned below:

Thermopro (Fat Destroyer)

Our Thermopro (Fat Destroyer) is the top-selling fat burner in Pakistan that supports your weight loss journey while reducing fatigue and tiredness. This product is prepared with a combination of caffeine, green tea extract, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, N-Acetyl, L-Carnitine, and Chromium that help you feel fresh and sharpen your mental focus as well.

So, just take this best weight loss supplement before your workout and get the most out of it. It is available at a very affordable price of Rs 2,699/-.

CLA (For A Lean and Shredded Body)

Everyone wants a toned body, but reaching that is not an easy task. The Protein Factory supports you by offering CLA (For A Lean And Shredded Body), one of the best-selling weight loss tablets in Pakistan, imported from a well-reputable brand, “The Protein Works™ .”

This product is prepared using Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which makes it the best weight loss supplement by increasing the body's metabolism and burning fats.

We take pride in offering this great fat burner in Pakistan at a very low price of Rs 2299/- so that everyone can access this healthy and fast-acting product.

Diet Meal Replacement

As the name suggests, our Diet Meal Replacement is an excellent fat burner and a perfect alternative to diet meals for those who want tasty yet nutrient-rich weight loss supplements in Pakistan.

Diet Meal Replacement is a very high protein and nutrient dense supplement designed to contribute to weight loss. At only 250 calories per shake, it is packed with 20g of protein and slow digesting carbohydrates. This combination helps increase the feeling of fullness while keeping your calories low which makes it the best weight loss supplement.

Start your journey to a healthier you with our Diet Meal Replacement - now available for only Rs 6,999!

Why Choose the Protein Factory’s Fat Burning Supplements?

The Protein Factory offers UK-imported high-quality weight loss supplements in Pakistan that delivers fast results.

Here are the reasons why we are the best weight loss supplements provider:

High-End Quality 

At The Protein Factory, we are committed to offering high-quality fat-burning supplements that promise results without negatively impacting your health. All our weight-loss tablets in Pakistan are imported from The Protein Works ™. This worldwide brand produces high-quality health supplements with all the accreditation, including HACCP, STS, and Halal Certification.

Effective Formulas

We are the official distributor of The Protein Works ™. The Protein Works ™ uses advanced technology to create effective formulas to help customers lose weight quickly and safely. Their formulas are designed to stimulate the body’s metabolism and reduce fat levels. These formulas are also designed to help increase energy levels, improve digestion, and suppress appetite.

Affordable Prices

We offer competitive prices on our fat-burning products, which makes them an accessible and affordable option for those looking to lose weight. Our products are also available in different sizes, so customers can find the perfect product for their needs and budget.

Get Your Body Lean and Fit with The Protein Factory!

If you are also looking for the best fat burner in Pakistan to get your body leaner and stronger, then The Protein Factory has you covered!

Our range of UK-imported weight loss supplements in Pakistan will help you burn fat faster and more effectively. Get the body of your dreams with The Protein Factory today!