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Weight Gainers

If you are in search of highly nutritious weight gain protein shakes, you are at the right place here. Made with premium quality ingredients, our mass gainer protein shakes are perfect for people who want rapid mass and muscle growth.

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We are offering a competitive price for our mass gainer products so that everyone can get the most out of them and gain their desired body weight. So, if you are willing to build your mass with imported & high-quality products, we are here with our best weight gainer supplement!

Our Top Weight Gainer Supplements

Our top 3 best-selling weight gainer supplements are mentioned below: 

ALL IN ONE (Ultimate Mass Gainer)

ALL IN ONE (Ultimate Mass Gainer) by The Protein Works ™  is one of the best-selling mass gainer products.

The product contains optimal dosages of Creatine, Monohydrate, Digezyme, Soya Protein, and L-Glutamine, allowing you to build muscles without buying hundreds of other weight-gain protein shakes. It is also good in taste, so you can treat your taste buds while building your body.

It’s available for only Rs 6,099 - Rs 9,999/-, so you can save bucks while building the macho body you’ve already dreamed of. 

Total Mass Matrix 

Our Total Mass Matrix is another nutritious mass gainer protein powder made with calorie-rich natural ingredients. It is made for those who want bulky bodies and muscle mass that takes away everyone’s breath. 

It has an optimal 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio and a whopping 490 calories per serving. In addition, every cup of supplement provides 30g of protein which is essential for muscle growth. 

Available for only Rs 8,699/-, this amazing blend has milk protein concentrated in it also which promises a slow yet rewarding release of protein into the body. Simply put, your body will keep getting the nutrition all day!

Pure Fine Oats

Nothing sounds as healthy as oats. They are the simplest way to gain weight. This product is made from 100% natural Scottish oats that are ground to the finest consistency.

This is one of the cheapest weight gain options available with high soluble fiber, low GI carbohydrates, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin E.

Available at Rs 4,499/-, this fine powder can be blended into liquids for quick drinking. In addition, it has beta-glucans, which promise exceptional immune health. 

Pure Fine Oats has a low GI, which helps reduce body fat while helping you gain lean mass that upscales your personality.

Why Choose Our Weight Gainer Supplements?

Here are three reasons why our weight gainer supplements are the best ones:

Nutrition-Rich Products

All our whey protein weight gainer and other supplements are made with a blend of essential natural nutrients. These nutrients help build muscle mass and strengthen the immune system. 

At The Protein Factory, we import the best weight gainer supplement products from a well-known brand: The Protein Works ™. This brand is UK based and is curated by a highly skilled panel of nutritionists. This helps us select the most effective, nutrition-rich, high-quality, and affordable products that are easy on the stomach without compromising on the quality of results. 

Fast Results

It is very frustrating to intake a large amount of weight gain supplements and not get the results. The Protein Factory has solved this problem. Our supplements are prepared to deliver fast results if taken in conjunction with a good diet and exercise.

Top-Notch Quality 

Our products are produced using ingredients of the finest quality. The manufacturing process adheres to all the internationally recognized quality standards. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality products that are risk-free, efficient, and free of additives and preservatives that could harm your health.

Boost Your Gains with Our Weight Gainer Supplements!

If you are looking for the best weight gain protein shakes, The Protein Factory is here to achieve your goals. Made with top-notch ingredients, our mass gainer protein products are available at an affordable price. Place your order right away!