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    Total Mass Matrix

    5 out of 5

    Total Mass Matrix sets a new benchmark in mass weight gainers. Its supercharged calorie dense formula is designed for anyone looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass. The TPW™ Nutrition Team have used an optimal 2:1 carb to protein ratio which delivers over 490 calories per serving, plus over 30g of premium grade protein. It is the ideal high calorie shake to help support your weight and mass gain goals, without adding unwanted fat.

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    Pure Fine Oats

    5 out of 5

    Pure Fine Instant Oats from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are 100% natural fine ground Scottish oats. They are a quality food source of low GI carbohydrates, high in soluble fibre and contain other vital nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, calcium and iron. All of which help support general health.

     2,000  1,700
  • Dextrose


    5 out of 5

    TPW™ Dextrose is a 100% pure premium grade carbohydrate. It is a high GI, fast absorbing carbohydrate that is ideally added to any post workout protein shake to improve the repair and regrowth of muscles.

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    0 out of 5

    All in One Protein The Works™ is a cutting-edge, all in one protein formula designed to aid muscle building. It boasts a blend of premium grade whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, optimal dosages of creatine, leucine and a ‘TPW™ Dual Phase Carb System’.

     4,000  3,199
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    Ultra Carb

    0 out of 5

    Ultra Carb from The Protein Works™ is a simple yet scientifically driven carbohydrate formula, engineered using dextrose, maltodextrin and 1000mg of glycine. It has been designed to promote pure lean muscle growth and help support muscle repair and recovery post training.

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    0 out of 5

    Made from 100% pure MCT powder. A special kind of fatty acid that was traditionally used in medicine to help patients gain quality weight after illness or surgery, it’s now used by athletes as an efficient way of adding calories to their diet and bulk up as well as serving as an energy source.

     4,000  3,399
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    0 out of 5

    Total Mass Matrix Extreme is the most calorie and nutrient dense mass gainer formula to leave the TPW™ Laboratory. Containing a tri-protein blend that delivers over 60g of protein and over 1,000 calories per serving, it has been designed to contribute to a growth in muscle mass.

     6,000  5,499
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